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Robin Hood Territory


The Encyclopaedia Britannica says the early medieval ballads such as the Geste, Robin Hood and the Monk, Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne, Robin Hood and the Potter; indicate that the action took place not in Nottinghamshire but chiefly in South Yorkshire."

True to form the evidence on the ground bears out the Encyclopaedia Britannica for if we look out over Hathersage (see picture) from the safety of Robin Hoods cave high on Stanage Rocks we see "Hood Valley" with "Hood Brook" meandering through and in the distance is Hathersage Church where we find the grave of Little John. On the moors above are Robin Hood’s Moss, Robin Hood’s table is at Barbrook stream and at the head of Agden Clough is Robin Hood’s chair complete with arm rests and a stone in front that served as a table. Tradition has it that Little John chose the site of his grave himself with an arrow shot from "Robin Hood's Stoop." Robin Hood’s cross marked the boundary of three nearby villages and Offerton was leased to Ralph Eyre in 1473 by the Abbot and Convent of St. Mary’s, Rufford, in Sherwood Forest, the Cross being mentioned in a document of that date and previously in AD1319 (Holt). The abbey was founded around AD1147 and the boundary stone must be one of the earliest place name associated with Robin Hood. From Hathersage the road known as "Long Causeway" goes to Robin Hood's Well at Barnsdale on the "Great North Road," linking all the places that are associated with Robin Hood to his home town.


Other places associated with Robin Hood are:

Wentbridge, Barnsdale, Blyth, Doncaster, Kirklees, The Greenwood, York, South Owram near Halifax, Huddersfield, Wortley (The Wharncliffe Park near Loxley also in Ivanho), Barnsley, Rotherham, Wakefield, Bawtry, and the Sayles. Richard at the Lee is uncertain but see the comments on the 'Greenwood' link and also at the bottom of the page on this Rochester site. All these places are in Yorkshire and there is nothing in the early manuscripts that mentions Sherwood, the only mention of anything that far south is the Sheriff of Nottingham who had a castle in Derbyshire just over the border from Loxley.


The Geste of Robin Hood speaks of Blyth Castle which is now called Tickhill Castle. It is on Watling Street which is the main route between York, Barnsdale, Sherwood, and Huntingdon. The castle is only nineteen miles from Loxley and a short distance north is the notorious Barnsdale. Away from this main road were the forest trails that provided excellent access between Nottingham, Sherwood, Loxley, and Barnsdale. An early sheriff of Nottingham, William Peveril, built Nottingham Castle, Peveril Castle at Castleton in the Royal Forest of the Peak and Haddon Hall which was a days march halfway between the two castles and may have been used as an overnight stop. He also built Bolsover Castle midway between Sheffield and Nottingham.


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