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Family Trees

These two trees should go side by side but space wouldn’t permit. They are the descendents of Robert the Duke of Normandy and his wife Herleva who were the parents of William the Conqueror and his two sisters Adalaide and Felicia.


Robin Hood is said to have been murdered by his cousin who was the Prioress at Kirklees where there is a grave. The Priory was owned by the Beaumont family and Isabel de Beaumont, born c.1121 married the son of Simon-de-Senlis who was the grandson of Waltheof the Earl of Huntingdon and who came into the possession of those lands that belonged to the Earldom of Huntingdon. A later member of the Beaumont family, Ermengarde-de-Beaumont born c.1165 married William the Lion of Scotland. He was the son of Henry 2nd earl of Huntingdon and brother of David 3rd earl of Huntingdon. David married Matilda-de-Kevilioc who was the sister of Ranulf Earl of Chester which is a name also associated with Robin Hood.

Those loyal to King John were his brother-in-law, Ranulf-de-Blunderville, the earl of Chester, who was connected with Robin Hood in the play Piers Plowman and William-de-Lovetot who built Sheffield Castle. Roger-de-Lovetot was Governor of Bolsover Castle and three times the Sheriff of Notts.

Those against King John were William-de-Beaumont, William-de-Hastings and Simon-de-Montfort. Simon de Senlis II who married a member of the Beaumont family came into possession of most of the lands that belonged to the earldom of Huntingdon and it is on Beaumont land at Kirklees where we find Robin Hood's grave. They were in opposition to King John.


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