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Nottingham and Derbyshire Sheriffs

Here is a full list of Sheriffs from the Norman Conquest to Edward III:
1068 William Peveril
1069 Hugh fitz Baldric
1081-87 Hugh de Port
1108 Helgot
1114 William I, Peveril, Lord of Notthingham and Sheriff.
1125 Roger de Lovetot
1127-29 Ivo de Hertz
1129 Osbert Sylvanus
1129 -1153 William Peveril the Younger. (Peveril castle passes to the crown.)
1157 Sir RobertFitz Ranulph. Founder of Beauchief Abbey Sheffield. It descended to the Chaworth family.
1170 William Fitz Ranulf.
1174 William de Ferrers captured the castle against Richard de Lucy, warden of the realm.
1177 Serlo de Giendara
1180 Ralph Murdac.
1190 Roger de Lacy.
1191 William de Wendenal
1194 William de Ferrers.
1196 William Brewer
1200 Hugh Bardulf, William de Lech
1202 Reginald de Karduil
1203 William Briewere, William de Lech
1204 Robert De Veteri Ponte, Richard De Bello Campo (Robert de Vieuxpont, became the Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, the custodian of the honour of Peverell, Tickhill and Higham Ferrers which is 23 miles from Huntingdon.)
1206 Robert De Veteri Ponte, Richard De Bello Campo
1208 Gerard De Atia, Philip Marc
1209 Philip Marc, Peter Marc
1213 Eustace De Ludeham. Sheriff of Nottingham 1213 and 1232. Sheriff of Yorkshire 1225.
1214 Philip Marc
1224 Ralf Fitz Nicholas
1232 Eustace of Lowdham.
1233 Simon De Hedon
1234 Brian de Lisle the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire of Derbyshire, accounted for Ann, Marcís widow 100 shillings per year as long as she lived at Bullwell Manor near Sherwood Forest. Also castellan of Knaresborough (Yorkshire) in 1205, Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1206 and succeeded Robert de Vieuxpont in charge of the Archbishopric of York.
1235 Robert de Vavasour, Lord of Bilborough
1236 Hugh FitzRalph
1240 Robert de Vavasour
1255 Sir Walter De Eastwood.
1255 (May) -1258 Roger-de-Lovetot.
1258 Simon de Hedon
1260 Simon de Asselacton (Aslockton}
1264 John de Grey.
1265 Reginald de Grey
1266 Hugh de Stapelford.
1267 Simon de Hedon.
1267 (Michaelmas) Gerard his son/Hugh de Stapelford.
1268 Hugh de Stapleford.
1270 Walter, archbishop of York.
1271 Hugh de Babbington (Under Sheriff to Walter, Archbishop of York)
1271 Walter, archbishop of York.
1274 Walter de Stirclerle or Stirkelegh.
1278 Reginald de Grey.
1278 (Michalmass) Gervasse de Willesford. John de Anesle.
1285 John de Anesle
1290 Gervase de Clifton.
1290 (Michaelmass) William de Chaddewich. Hugh de Stapelford.
1291 William de Chaworth
1293 Phillip of Paunton
1295 Walter de Goushill (Hoveringham)
1297 John de Harrington
1298 Ralph de Shirley
1300 Richard de Furneaux
1301 Ralph de Shirley
1303 Petrus Picott
1307 Willielmus de Chellasdeston (Chellaston).
1308 Petrus Picott Willielmus de Chellasdeston.
1309 Johannes de Strichesley.
1310 Thomas de Swyneford.
1311 Radulphus de Crophulle.
1312. Johannes de la Beche.
1313 Radulphus de Crophulle.
1315 Johannes de Bella Fide.
1318 Henry de Faucumberg. Sheriff of Nottinghamshire 1318-19. Sheriff of Yorkshire 1323-27
1319 Hugo de Stokes. Henricus de Fauconbridge.
1320 Johannes Darcy.
1322 Robert Ingram.
1323 Henry de Faucumberg.
1324 Ralph de Braysfoot.
1327 Robertus Ingram.
1329 Thomas de Longvillers.
1329 Henry Faucumberg/Edmund de Cressy
1330 Johannes Bret.
1331 Robertus de Joice.
1334 Johannes de Oxon.
1338 Egidius de Meygnil.
1341 Hugo de Hercy.
1342 Nicholaus de Longford.
1344 Johannes de Musters.
1345 Gervasius de Clifton.
1346 Thomas de Bekeringe.
1347 Johannes de Vaux.
1350 Johannes Walleys.

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