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These are the Top Ten steepest hills for the Sheffield area.

Hagg Hill (not old Sheffield) gradient 17.1%.

Victoria Street, Stocksbridge (not old Sheffield) gradient 14.85%.

Blake Street, gradient, 12.79%.

Wellfield Road, gradient 12.5%.

Fir Street, gradient 11.26%.

Cobnar Road (top part) gradient 11.25%.

Upperthorpe, gradient 11%.

Winnats Pass Derbyshire (between the two Mam Tor roads) (not Sheffield) gradient 10.91%.

West Hill Rotherham (from Droppingwell Rd to Poucher St) (not Sheffield) gradient 10.4%.

Jenkin Road (From Tyler St/Holywell Rd to the highest part just past Forthill Road) gradient 10%.


Hagg Hill


Highcliffe Road


Kent Road


Lodge Lane


Jenkin Road


Blake Street








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